The Rosewood Room

The Rosewood Room

Perfectly located in the heart of Bothell’s historic Country Village. The 3200 Square Foot space is Bothell’s perfect place for weddings, receptions, and events. Boutique shops and green open spaces surround this spacious, charming full-service event facility. With mahogany touches and attached decks, your event will surely be special at The Rosewood Room. 

The room features a Queen-sized pillow-top bed with an antique nightstand in the style of a Victorian bedroom. A corner fireplace or a river’s soothing sound and visuals are two options for relaxing. The property is equipped with free Wi-Fi. With Cable TV, you get an internet TV and free movies. There is a large shower in this room’s en-suite bathroom. Outside your room, you’ll find a beautiful common space with a view of the Spokane River Cove. It has a vivid nautical theme, a gas fireplace, and a dinette table ideal for playing cards and board games. Each guest room is easily accessible from the outside entrance. You’ll find a full refrigerator and microwave oven in the modest refreshment room.

A one-of-a-kind experience awaits you as you focus on this signed half-tester queen-size bed by Mitchell & Rammelsburg, a renowned fine furniture builder of the 1800s. Your surroundings will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. An antique claw-foot tub and shower are in the private bathroom with a queen bed. This room was Helen Garth’s because it had the largest closet. Mrs Garth erected the claw-foot tub and the original marble sink in 1900 after John’s death in 1899. The claw foot tub must be entered to take a shower.

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