Live Reindeer

Live Reindeer(Holiday Season)

Two of Santa’s Live Reindeer are vacationing in the Village for the holiday season.  They’ll be camping in the grass area behind Jantee Bistro & Bottle Shop.

Come by and visit with them from November 14th through December 24th.

Fun Reindeer Facts: 

  • The scientific name for Reindeer is Rangifer Tarasndus.  Reindeer are commonly referred to as Caribou.
  • Reindeer live in Canada, Alaska, Europe, Russia, and Greenland.  Let’s not forget about the North Pole where they live with Santa.
  • They live on tundras. Tundra is a vast flat, treeless Arctic region.
  • Reindeer don’t worry about the cold or rain. Their dense hollow fur keeps them warm and is waterproof.
  • They can weigh anywhere between 240-700 pounds.
  • Did you know that reindeer are the only deer in which both males & females grow antlers?  Male reindeer shed their antlers in the winter. No two antlers are the same.
  • Reindeer migrate 1,200 miles between the summer & winter.  That’s one of the longest migrations in the world.
  • Did you know that reindeer can run 50 miles per hour?
  • Reindeer are the only mammals that can see ultraviolet light. This helps them see in the white Arctic what they would otherwise miss. 
  • Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeer? 
  • While you’re here, stroll the grounds of Country Village lit with magical twinkling lights. Don’t miss the gingerbread house display and vote for your favorite gingerbread house. 

Can Reindeer Live Anywhere In The World?

Live Reindeer

Reindeer’s natural habitat is the Arctic. However, they may adapt to various situations. The sole wild herd of reindeer in the United Kingdom is in Scotland’s far north in the Cairngorm Mountains. The Cairngorm Reindeer Centre in Aviemore has excellent facilities where you may view the herd.

Reindeer (also known as caribou) and muskoxen coexist on the grounds of Alaska’s Large Animal Research Station. The permanent facility was started in 1976 as a part of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. In the Swedish Lapland highlands close to the Torne, a Sami couple has been domesticating and managing reindeer for the past 30 years. Reindeer frequently roam the property.

This is true in an endless number of situations. Over 100,000 people work to care for over 2.5 million reindeer on farms annually across nine nations.

Where Do Reindeer Live?

Live Reindeer

The family of deer known as Cervidae contains reindeer, sometimes caribou. Wapiti, moose, elk, and deer are members of this family. The main difference between reindeer and caribou is their geographic environment. In North America, caribou are commonly referred to as reindeer, but reindeer are commonly referred to as reindeer in Europe. However, in colloquial parlance, domesticated caribou, particularly those found in North America, is referred to as “reindeer.”

The reindeer, the largest and heaviest deer species still in existence, can produce antlers that weigh up to three tons each. Unlike other species of deer, female reindeer can grow antlers. While a female deer antler can grow up to 20 inches long, a male deer antler can reach a maximum length of 51 inches. It is a valid question to wonder where reindeer live. We’ll look into if reindeer reside at the North Pole with Santa Claus today!

Are Reindeer In The North Pole?

Tradition holds that reindeer do not reside at the North Pole. A few Arctic caribou can be discovered in the tundra, though. The area’s coniferous taiga forests helped shape the Arctic tundra, which encircles the North Pole. It includes Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Iceland. Here, the winters are long and dry, with months of complete darkness and very low temperatures.

However, for some time now, the populations of reindeer and caribou in the far northern regions closest to the North Pole have been rapidly falling. The number of reindeer and caribou herds has dropped by 56% since the mid-1990s. The reindeer affect those who depend on them as well as the scenery. The herd sizes have decreased due to decades of hunting, disease, food shortages, and climate change.

Are Reindeer Going Extinct?

Live Reindeer

Five million reindeer are thought to exist worldwide, while Alaska is home to an extra 900,000 caribou. At the moment, it seems that sickness and predators control the growth of the reindeer herd. Overhunting has in the past destroyed several reindeer populations. Russia has severe anti-hunting laws, but poaching still occurs there. The reindeer’s habitat may be harmed by Finland’s forestry and winter sports activities. For some indigenous populations, hybridization with domestic reindeer is a cause for concern.

White-tailed deer are encroaching on reindeer habitat as Arctic temperatures rise. These deer have a disease that kills moose and reindeer. Insects become more active as the temperature rises. Due to pest infestations, reindeer may have difficulty gaining weight this winter.

The tundra is also changing. A few examples include an increase in aviation and snowmobile noise, as well as more industrial development and oil prospecting. Since the beginning of time, reindeer have adapted to the presence of people and machines. However, as Arctic human settlement grows, the strains placed on reindeer herds will remain a concern.

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