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Life Solutions Healing Art Center

Life Solutions Healing Art Center offers body, mind, and spiritual wellness. We are a diverse group of holistic practitioners whose mission is to empower each client towards deep personal healing. We offer Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu, Qigong, Foot Zone Therapy, Nutrition, Martial Arts, Healing with Art, meditation, and Clairvoyant Readings.  All certified in energy work, Massage Therapists offer Thai Yoga, Pre-Natal Massage, and Therapeutic Massage. We teach all levels of Usui and Karuna Reiki. Self-Defense and offer vision board Classes. Join our Reiki Meet-up group. Call for information.

Employee assistance program (EAP) LifeSolutions is much more than that. We support business growth by utilizing our knowledge of how people behave in the workplace. We link workers with the resources they require to maintain concentration and productivity. We assist managers and leaders in overcoming difficulties related to their daily tasks. In other words, LifeSolutions can help your business achieve its financial objectives.

Support Pro-every-life

The pro-life movement must encompass more than protecting unborn children, as regular people frequently encounter unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. You can participate in our whole-person, caring approach.

There will always be a need for devoted, sympathetic individuals like you to assist those making challenging pregnancy decisions. Women, men, kids, and teenagers need to be educated, given the right tools, and the freedom to make the best decisions for their lives and their futures.

Life Solutions Of Alexandria, Inc.

A modest outpatient counseling and psychotherapy facility is Life Solutions of Alexandria, Inc. We think each person has strengths that can be used to address life’s challenges. Our mission is to provide knowledgeable services in a genuine, caring setting while assisting our clients in changing for the better. Our customers are seen in individual, group, marital, and family sessions, from young toddlers to senior citizens. Our counselors are devoted experts in their fields. Please go under the Counseling Staff tab to see a list of the counselors at Life Solutions.

Life Coaching And Counseling

You are one step closer to a new you today, feeling in control and on the right track for development and wellbeing. It is admirable that those who seek assistance have the self-awareness to recognize that they might require more support. You have accepted responsibility for your life, and by getting in touch with us right away, you can resolve to change for the better.

People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from Life Coaching, Mental Health, and Naturopathic Medicine (which includes chiropractic and massage therapies) at Life Solutions. Our team and therapists are caring and empathetic, and our mission is to assist you in realizing your full potential and living a life that is deserving of celebration.

We may work together to better understand and recover from unpleasant past experiences to move forward in a healthy way, even though we cannot change the past. We will uncover ingrained behavior patterns or unfavorable attitudes that may prevent you from living a more satisfying and meaningful life by using complementary therapeutic approaches and life coaching strategies.

We look forward to working with you to reach your objectives, whether you need more support and direction to get through a difficult situation or just want to change the course of your life.

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