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Chris Whalen and Sarah Seigneuret-Whalen, owners of Adventure Children’s Theater, first met at Dell’ Arte School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California.  Blue Lake is a small town with two industries:  logging and the clown school.  Can you get more opposite?  It is located, appropriately enough, on the Mad River.

They found they worked well together and after graduation landed their first gig as a team with the Hampstead Players.  It involved traveling throughout the Midwest, performing a two man show at local schools.  They performed five days a week and would hit two, sometimes three schools per day.  The project was for three months and would have been a grueling schedule in the best of times, but this was also in the dead of winter!  A true test for a successful marriage – even better than a kitchen remodel. 

They were performing “Scrooge” and two other plays (some disagreement over which other plays, revolving around whether Sarah had short or long hair at the time but that’s a whole ‘nother story) and at the end of the gig ended up in some obscure town on Christmas Eve.  They were exhausted and turned on the TV to unwind only to find that there were two channels:  both were playing “Scrooge”!

Sarah and Chris have done extensive traveling, bringing their performances to children and families throughout the U.S. as well as internationally.  They finally settled down and opened Adventure Children’s Theater at Country Village in 2012.  They offer a variety of services including themed parties (clowns, pirates, princesses, thing 1 & thing 2, etc.), special event performances, shows for kids & families, camps, classes, and more.  You’ll see them doing their magic at many of our events whether it be juggling, balloon making, or making mischief.

Magic Earth Art

At Magic Earth Art, owner Norma Jean Campanaro’s vision is obvious in her custom art. Using recycled materials and her unique vision, she creates paintings and other art while keeping the environment in mind. Norma Jean often uses house paint leftovers and natural elements like leaves and twigs and anything else she can find to create layered pieces.

In addition to her creative art pieces, Norma Jean has an intuitive gift. She has channeled this into her very popular 3-card readings. She believes everything in life is in divine order, and everything we do has a balance. By tapping into her guest’s energy and sharing their life track, she comforts them in their life path. She is non-judgmental, approachable, and compassionate toward all.

One of Norma Jean’s earliest memories of her craft occurred when she was 3. Her 7-year-old brother found his sister frightened by her imagination when looking through a window because she saw bears and tigers looking back.  He measured the window with paper, scribbled all over it, and had her color in the spaces. He then hung it in the window and assured her that now she could see the bears and tigers, but they couldn’t see her. She’s always been comforted and encouraged by her family to create.

Norma’s goal is to have her voice show in her art. “Silence is our strongest voice, and art makes a large statement.”

Tiffany Ann Home: October Featured Shop

Service with a Smile at Tiffany Ann Home

For small locally owned business’s it’s all about service and you’ll get no better service than at Tiffany Ann Home.  Owner, Tiffany, greets you with a smile and if you can’t find what you’re looking for in this cozy shop, she’s happy to find it for you.   “Love this shop. I buy a lot of my photography props there (little benches, fabrics, chair, etc), and its a cherry on the top that Tiffany is super nice too” says Amanda Buechler, local photographer.

Through the encouragement of close friends, Tiffany opened her shop in the summer of 2011.  Reminiscent of a cabin on Whidbey Island, where she loves to spend her free time, this welcoming shop has the soothing sounds of birds singing in the background.   A huge animal fan, her husky dog, KC Love comes to work with her regularly and has become a shop fixture.

Tiffany loves to create a room with unique found treasures from every era.  “When there is an assortment of furniture it is like the room is telling a story” says Tiffany, “Almost all my inventory is carefully hand-picked with someone in mind”.  It’s the focus on personal appeal that makes her shop fascinating.  It’s important to her that each item in her shop is a conversation piece, able to be a focal point in any room to make that room shine.  “At Tiffany Ann Home, you will find a wonderful diverse selection of finds all served with the sweet style and smile of its owner, Tiffany” says Gina Dolan Hagen, local shop owner.

Here’s Tiffany Ann Home in a snapshot:  re-loving furniture and home décor accents that are odd, unique, pretty, and creative, along with unearthed items that have been sun or rained kissed.  

You can find her at Facebook/TiffanyAnnHome where she posts pictures of her merchandise.  Better yet, just stop by for a visit and chat with one of our friendliest shop owners!

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