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The finest baked goods from recipes are passed down through the generations. Special requests are welcome. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Doll House Baked Goods Move Into Country Village

Bothell’s Country Village is filled with a variety of different scents. Every day, the aroma of cookies, cinnamon, fruit, and icing fills the air (reminds me of the way Mickey Mouse floated around when he smelled something good). Do you know where it comes from? Bothell residents Stephanie and Christopher Doll run Doll House Baked Goods. Doll House Baked Goods, sandwiched between Quite the Find and the Garden of Beadin’ on the main boardwalk, makes the most amazing bread, cookies, and other baked goods.

You should recognize the name Doll House Baked Goods. Bothell Farmers Market is where they have been for years. I remember walking past them a few times; they were almost sold out every time. Earlier this year, the Village’s management approached Stephanie and asked if she was interested in relocating into a shop space with a kitchen. Just like that, Doll House Baked Goods had its first retail outlet open on July 14th, and they haven’t looked back since Stephanie decided it was time.

It’s still dark outside when I arrive at Country Village Bakery, where roosters and gardeners are hard at work, eager to see what goodies they have in store for me.

We have a giant chalkboard wall in the shop, and we’ve had Jenn from The Chic Boatique paint the artwork on it, and we’re in love with it! In addition to Christopher’s additions, our two girls have also left their mark on the blackboard wall.”

After conducting baking and special orders in her licensed home kitchen for a while, Stephanie has noticed a significant increase in the volume she sells, especially pies. We’re already making three times as many pies as we were before.

I’m in awe of those pies. Apple, cherry, peach, strawberry rhubarb pies, and the JumbleBerry are all delicious. How do you believe Stephanie’s pies stand apart from the rest of the competition? In a statement, she claimed, “My pie recipes are all traditional family recipes… When farmer’s markets are in season, I also buy all of my produce there.” There is a discernible variation in the flavors.

Doll House Baked Goods isn’t only about pies. Stephanie’s bread is a popular item on her menu. She has a steady stream of clients who come in weekly to grab their bread before it’s gone. She says, “They love it.” According to Stephanie’s husband, he is currently working on setting up their internet store so that customers may set up recurring orders for bread. They believe that online sales will be enormous shortly.

Steph wants to build a market-style shop like the ones you’ll find in New York one day. A grocery store where people come in daily to pick up meat, cheese, and pastries.

In the end, I spit out, “So, what are your top sellers?” Stephanie breathes a sense of relief… We have molasses, chocolate chip, Jumbleberry, cinnamon bread, shortbread jam, and oatmeal cream cookies. Everyone likes the pear bread I make when they’re in season. Bread with pears in it? That’s great to hear!

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