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Buying The Best Plate Hangers (Reviews Updated 2022)

Plates can be used for many things other than eating. Some plates take us to a place in memory, like the plate you bought your first souvenir from Rome as a kid or that plate your partner brought back from his/her vacation. And then there are the other plates that hold a bit of love, like the special one your mom got you when you were little because it had your name (still have it?). Regardless of what kind of memories or emotions are attached to that plate, we all want to display them with the utmost style!

Here are the best plate hangers available on the market.

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Fasunry 10 Pack Plate Hangers, 8 Inch Wall Plate Hangers

Fasunry12 Pack Plate Hangers, 6 8 10 Inch Wall Plate Hangers

12 Pieces Invisible Plate Hangers Wall Plate Hangers

Fasunry 12 Pack Plate Hangers, 8 10 12 Inch Wall Plate Hangers

Xinlinke Plate Hangers for The Wall 8 inch Decorative Dish Display

Best Plate Hangers Reviews In 2022

1. Fasunry 10 Pack Plate Hangers

Great for hanging dinner plates, salad plates, photo plates, art plates and more. Installing the plate hanger is easy. No more slippage with rubber tip protector. Double thickness glued on the back of hooks, built in a sturdy way to resist tearing apart. Push the hangers away from the wall when you want to take off the plate, making tables look classy and neat.

High Quality and Well Made

These plate hangers are made of top-quality brass with golden colour, high-end material for long-lasting use. These plate hangers are well-made, sturdy and have a nice finish that is not easy to rust, even if an old one.

Rubber Tip Protectors

The Plate Hanger is a must for storing your plates, and you will be amazed at how well these protect them from getting scratched. Each one is made of durable heavy gauge wire and comes with rubber tip protectors on the ends to protect your walls and surfaces from damage.

Expandable Length Springs

Plate holders are necessary if you don’t want your plates to fall on the floor while drying them. Made of durable plastic, they hold tightly to the plate without fear of slipping out. The black colour allows them to blend in with other plates in your kitchen cabinets.

2. Fasunry12 Pack Plate Hangers

Fasunry12 Pack Plate Hangers are designed to hold any plate securely on the wall. The rubber tip holders protect the plate’s rim and sit behind it, making it invisible from the front. With these hangers, you don’t have to worry about plates slipping out of place or breaking from scratches either! Each one has an elegant golden colour, making them great for displaying porcelain plates, photographs, artworks and more!

Monochrome Or Multiple Colours

Our plate hangers are perfect for hanging and displaying plates on the wall. Get creative! Hang plates vertically or horizontally, in monochrome or multiple colours. They’re a great way to add colour and character to any room in your home. These hangers are entirely made of solid wood, including the hooks.

Beautiful Pieces Of China

These plate hangers protect your plates and rims. They are ideal for hanging beautiful pieces of china, silver, crystal and glass on your wall! These rubber-coated tips are a great solution to prevent damage to the top rim of your favourite dish.

3. 12 Pieces Invisible Plate Hangers Wall Plate Hangers

Have you ever wanted to display your beautiful antique plates or Murano art but not had the right hanger? Maybe you even have a fantastic piece of art in the attic that needs to be displayed. This invisible wall plate hanger kit is perfect for displaying those items! It’s perfect for use in the kitchen to display favourite pottery pieces, hand-painted dishes, glassware, and more. You can even use it to display photos or artwork on any wall in your home.

W-shaped Design

These invisible plate hangers are a must-have to keep your kitchen tidy and organized, especially if you have limited kitchen space. They can be hung on the wall at both ends, making them sturdy and durable. The plate hangers are also rust-proof and easy to clean, so you don’t worry about the damage caused by water or dust.

Adjustable Metal Spring

Practical and functional, these invisible plate hangers are easy to use. They are made of high-quality material, durable and long-lasting use. Can securely hang the plates or trays on the wall without damaging the plate and leave no scratches on your walls.

Protective Rubber Sleeve

12 Pieces Invisible Plate Hangers are a great way to organise and keep your plates safe on the wall. They hold plates securely and almost invisible from the front, with a clear plastic hook that can prevent plates from scratching. The back is covered with white paper to allow you to write down your plate number, so you know exactly where it belongs when taking them off the wall.

4. Fasunry 12 Pack Plate Hangers, 8 10 12 Inch Wall Plate Hangers

These plate holders and hooks are almost invisible from the front, expandable length springs. Easy to use and tightly held to the plate without fear of slipping out. Perfect fit for antique plates, art plates, vintage plates, ceramic plates, photo plates, dinner plates, dessert plates, salad plates, Christmas plates and so on.

High Quality and Well Made

Plate hangers are great for organizing your decorative plates; wall plate hangers can be used in the kitchen or bathroom. Easy to mount and keeps plates off the floor or countertop. They look great on the wall with any decor.

Rubber Tip Protectors

The fasunry 12 Pack Plate Hangers and 8 10 12 Inch Wall Plate Hangers are the perfect solution to display your plates and keep them safe. The rubber tip protectors can protect your plates from scratching. Easy to use, clean and hold up nicely with no rusts or stains.

Expandable Length Springs

These plate hangers are ideal for hanging your plates, cups and other kitchenware safely and securely on the wall. The plate hangers are quick and easy to use without fear of it slipping out, making it perfect for both new homeowners and long-time renters alike.

5. Xinlinke Plate Hangers

Xinlinke Plate Hangers are designed for holding 7 to 9-inch round or square collector plates, such as cookie or appetizer plates. 8 inches in height, with 2 elastic springs and 2 wall mounting hooks, fit for home use.

Hanging Holder

This plate hanger is perfect for hanging plates, cups and trays on the wall; it can also be used on other things. The delicate and delicate W-shaped design holds your plate more tightly, and you will never worry about your plates falling off from this hanging holder. Made from durable gold plated metal wire and spring, it’s safe for use with your precious vintage crockery, beautiful Christmas plates or other items.

Displaying Decorations

Xinlinke Plate Hangers are almost invisible from the front, so they’re perfect for displaying wedding Christmas plates, bowls and tray decorations. They are easy to install and can be used with various furniture.

Tips For Caring For Plate Hangers

In our daily lives, plate holders have emerged as a very handy tool for protecting our tableware. This article has shown us that these supports can be used for various purposes, from displaying our prized possessions to drying dishes after washing. But if you are interested in purchasing plate holders so that you may clean and maintain your dishes, I have a list of home treatments for you to follow.

First and foremost, it is important to point out that the dishwasher, although a convenient and time-saving instrument, is not good for our dishes’ health. There is no personal attention, and they can withstand extremely high temperatures. A dishwasher with these kinds of features is something I want to see one day. Hand scrubbing is my preferred method for the time being. However, the secret is in the type of scouring pad you choose. You should never use sandpaper in the area where you polish your dinnerware. Sponge the dishes after they’ve been in hot water for a while. The grime will naturally wash off on its own.

Second, gathering all the silverware and plates simultaneously can help speed up the cleaning process and be more fun. It takes a lot of time and effort to scrub and rinse each item, resulting in a monotonous process. You’ll be able to deceive yourself into thinking that you’re working harder than you are.

Figure Out The Best Plate Hangers For You And Hang Them Up!

I initially thought to use Disc Hangers, discs of adhesive that you stick to the back of your plates, to hang my plates. The Disc Hangers allow you to hang your plates flat against the wall, and they are virtually undetectable once they are in place. Since most of my plates have a raised design on the back, this is not the best surface for the flat disc hangers I had planned to use.

There are two further drawbacks to the Disc Hangers: You cannot simply remove them to use the plates, and you can’t remove them from the wall if you need to use them to serve food at gatherings. Additionally, according to the evaluations, several customers have reported problems with their plates falling off the wall while using them. However, Emily of Timeless Paper used them to hang this wonderful plate wall over her bed (don’t you adore it?!):

Advantages Of Plate Hangers

Our homes fill up with the things we collect over time. All our belongings are piled high in the closets and cupboards, and we have a kitchen full of dishes waiting for the proper time to be served. Plate racks, in a sense, aid in the management and safety of this buildup. Let me give you an example to better understand what I mean:

Plates and cutlery of all kinds are available at our store. Those that purchased a dish rack appear to be concerned about them. When the occasion arises, they can use them immediately, without having to clean them first. The dust and filth have built up, so those who stack them must clean them. Plates on supports, on the other hand, don’t have this problem because the weight of the powder causes it to fall to the ground.

Keeping things organized, being practical, and being adaptable are all advantages. Moreover, if you select one of the plate holders, you’ll also get a dash of sophistication.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Best Way To Hang A Plate?

Adhesive discs are an easy way to hang plates on a wall. You may activate the glue on the discs by adding water to the back. Your ornamental plates will be bonded to the discs using these adhesives, which you can then hang from a hook linked to the discs on the wall.

How Do You Hang A Heavy Plate On The Wall?

Using a spring-loaded wire plate hanger, you can safely hang a heavy plate on the wall, even if it doesn’t already have a wall hook firmly fastened to its backside. A picture hook or other wall fastener accepts the hanger’s hook.

How Are Plate Hangers Measured?

Measure the distance across the rear of the plate from the rim to the rim to establish the plate hanger size. Measuring from the back ensures that the rim’s flare is considered when determining the diameter of a plate.

How Do You Display Decorative Plates?

Plates are a low-cost and visually appealing decorating option. Display your favourite dishes and chinaware in various ways, including plate racks, open shelves, wall hooks, and more. Your foods will be more appealing when they’re out in the open.

How Do You Use A Plate Hanger?

This is best done by attaching a plate hanger and then placing the plate on a flat surface. Your plate’s flat surface should barely touch the hanger’s top. Taking the hanger off the plate and bending it to determine if it’s in the right position is an option if it doesn’t.


Ultimately, we must admit that the best plate hanger is the one that befits your habitual place environment. Therefore, it is very important to make up its mind on which place or room you want to set it up and arrive at a decision based on that. Surely, if you want to put it in your kitchen so you can display your home country’s ceramics, plates and mugs, the best plate hanger will be that that has been designed for this objective.

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