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Best Photo Storage Boxes [Today’s Update]

A great way to store your favorite photos is by using photo storage boxes. These can be ideal for storing photos you want to display and show off but maybe don’t want to be displayed in your home. Storage boxes also make it easy to take one or several boxes of photos with you if you are moving.

We tested this list for the best photo storage boxes for the best one for yourself.

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novelinks Transparent 4" x 6" Photo Storage Boxes

novelinks Photo Case 4" x 6" Photo Storage Boxes

Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box

5x7 Photo Storage Boxes Extra Large Capacity,

novelinks Transparent 5" x 7" Photo Storage Boxes 

How To Maximize Use Of Photo Storage Boxes

While a photo storage box may appear unassuming, it can significantly impact your daily routine. Using photo storage boxes can help you keep your belongings in order. They are inexpensive, good quality, and versatile. These storage solutions are sure to provide you with even more motivation.

How To Store Print Photographs, So They Last For Generations

Every few years, my family and I would sort through our garage and get rid of as much as possible. We tried to approach the big blue bin, stuffed to the gills with pictures of every significant event in our life and several trips and get-togethers with friends.

I’ve recently recommended doing something drastic, like a thorough purge, when my mother brings up the huge blue bin. Throw away the remaining pictures you don’t like. I’ve come to understand how crucial it is to search through their possessions and uncover old photos after the passing of a few grandparents. They also serve as a jumping-off point for conversations with live relatives regarding one’s ancestry. Saving too many photos can make it simple to lose the important ones.

A print photo collection may appear antiquated in the era of virtually infinite digital photo storage. But in reality, it’s an unavoidable evil. According to Smithsonian Institution Archives and National Geographic specialists we spoke with, print images can be a crucial backup of your digital collection and a method to engage with history for current and future generations.

We don’t know what shape digital photography will take in 100 years or whether our grandkids will have access to our hard drives or cloud accounts, says Smithsonian Institution Archives picture archivist Marguerite Roby. Unless you are very careful to back up your data and print your favorite photos, there is a big chance of losing a lot of digital photography.

The pictures you store in a shoebox today are probably still in decent condition in 30 years. Professional archivists do, however, suggest a few methods you may employ to make sure your pictures last for hundreds of years. The aim is to find a photo management system that lets you view your most significant photos more regularly and satisfactorily.

Best Photo Storage Boxes Reviews In 2022

1. novel inks Transparent 4″ x 6″ Photo Storage Boxes

Keep your photos organized and protected. The novel inks boxes and keeper are perfect for storing loose photo prints. The cases are made from thick, durable plastic that will withstand repeated use. They have matching color tops, so you can quickly look inside the box to see what photos are inside. Each case holds 4*6 photos perfectly and has a label holder on the back if you want to get super organized with this storage solution.

Photo Storage Boxes

Organize and store all your memories in style with our trendy organizers. These 4″x 6″ transparent photo storage boxes are the perfect solution for organizing & Store Photographs, Craft Supplies, and office supplies. The organizer keeps your house or office clean and tidy.

Storage Of Larger Item

Snap-tight closures keep contents secure and protect your pictures or cards. Extra depth allows for storage of larger items like music albums, trading cards, posters, etc., Made from durable material that can withstand storing heavy items.

2. novel inks Photo Case 4″ x 6″ Photo Storage Boxes

The Novelinks Photo Case 4″ x 6″ Storage Box is the perfect solution to Organize & Store Photographs, Craft Supplies, and office supplies. These stackable photo cases can also be used to start a photo album or create a family tree. The organizer keeps your house or office tidy with its space-saving design.

Hold 4*6 Photos Perfectly.

The novel inks photo cases and the larger keeper are perfect for storing loose photo prints. The cases and keeper are exactly as pictured. They are very durable and not flimsy like many other boxes and cases. The bigger keeper has a handle and slots that keep the inner cases in place. The inner cases hold 4*6 photos perfectly, and the keeper keeps everything in line.

Super Organized And Label

The clear cases are perfect, so you can look at the top photo and get a quick idea of which photos are in each case. Each case has a couple of spots that perfectly fit a label from a label maker if you want to get super organized and label the cases with dates/events. Each case is made of high-quality, durable hard plastic and has a snap-tight closure to keep your photos and cards safe. The extra depth allows you to store larger photos or small keepsakes.

3. Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box

Pioneer is one of the largest U.S. sources for photo albums, memory scrapbooks, and albums. We offer over 300 styles, including refillable and non-refillable products in 3-ring and screwpost styles. Pioneer offers photo albums for the most popular size photos and enlargements in trend-setting cover designs and classic solids.

Faux-leather Exterior

The Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box is a durable, convenient way to store and protect photographs! The compact box features two reinforced carrying handles and a thick faux-leather exterior. Inside, you will find a padded cover that securely holds photos in place while they are transported or stored. It has twelve photo compartment pages that automatically hold your 4″ x 6″ photos in place with an extended flap on the right side. A clear plastic lid protects these pages when closed.

Favorite Vacation Spot

Everybody has a photo that they cherish. Maybe it includes grandma, or maybe you have a favorite vacation spot that looks better than any picture you’ve seen. The Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box is the perfect way to hold onto your precious memories for generations. It can fit up to size 4×6 photos and holds up to 100 of them.

4. 5×7 Photo Storage Boxes Extra Large Capacity

Organize all your photos in one place with this extra large photo storage box. This case holder comes with 8 inner photo cases; each is large enough for up to 125 photos, and stores up to 1000 5″ x 7″ photos. It also provides blank labels you can use to mark the information and stick it on the transparent cases, allowing easy organization and view.

Organize, Store And Protect

This storage box has a snap lock system for a secure fit and keeps the lid in place even with rough handling. The plastic storage container boxes can help effectively organize, store and protect your precious picture, photograph, and craft items and are also good for organizing garden seeds, puzzles, game cards, greeting cards, index cards, flashcards, and other office supplies.

External Oxford Cloth

These extra-large photo storage boxes are made of external oxford cloth and internal waterproof fabric. The zipper bag is light-protected and dustproof. Combine with snap-shut lids of each box, this picture storage container will keep the inner contents secure.

5. novel inks Transparent 5″ x 7″ Photo Storage Boxes

A great way to keep a lifetime’s worth of photos is to let go of those burdensome photo albums and keep your good memories. Beyond that, this is entirely for people who need to store photos or other similar items such as toys, seeds, puzzles, game cards, USB cables, letters, makeup, office supplies, and more.

Stack Them Arbitrarily.

These photo storage boxes have a transparent front, so you can easily find your favorite pictures. The box lid has a certain amount of friction, and you can stack them any way you want. Organize your photos into folders on your PC or computer and transfer them to these cozy boxes without deleting any memories.

Durable and Reliable Plastic Case

Novelinks Transparent 5″ x 7″ Photo Storage Boxes make it easy to keep your memories organized and safe. It is made of high-quality and durable PP plastic, and we have practiced with it many times without any problems. Its durability and reliability ensure that you can use it for a long time without worrying about it breaking down.

6. Naivees Photo Storage Case 4″ x 6″ Photo Storage Boxes Inner Photo Organizer

The photo storage case features 16 of the 4″ x 6″ photo cases; each case holds 100 photos and holds up to 1600 photos. It is convenient to use and take with. Integrated with a top carry handle, each inner paperboard has cut-outs for hanging by nails or a push pin without disfiguring your photos, making it easier and convenient to store your photos while enjoying them in daily life.

Photo Storage Case

A photo organizer box to store photos and other items. It can be used as a photo storage case, scrapbooking supplies container, craft supplies organizer, or general home organizer. Keep your home and office clean all day.

Joyful Moments

The Photo Storage Box Organizer always reminds us of our joyful moments. But there are many photos we haven’t seen for years; it is hard to remember the story behind each photo or where we put them. So how to organize those photos? Universal Photo Storage Case is what you need! It will keep your precious memories organized.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Photo Storage Boxes

Photo Organizing Boxes


When looking for a photo box, you should keep in mind that there are two standard sizes. You’ll be able to store more photos if the box’s overall size is large enough. Also, remember the dimensions of the photos you intend to store. Several choices can accommodate a standard 4 x 6 photo, while others can accommodate larger sizes. Before making a purchase, make sure your photos will fit in the storage device.


The durability of your photographs will vary depending on the material used. Acid-free plastic is used in many of the products on this list, which means your photos will look great for longer. Extras like linings or buffers to protect against dust and debris are common in cardboard photo boxes. While wood may be a more fashionable option, its acid-free properties are not.


For many people, a photo storage box is a means of securing and organizing their personal photographs in a safe and visually appealing way. Clear boxes and photo sleeves make it simple to find specific photos for those who plan to look through their store photos regularly. Additional features, such as labels or color-coded boxes, can enhance the level or organization of the information.


A photo can be damaged permanently if it is exposed to acidic materials. The photos kept inside an acid-free box are shielded from damage. The material’s pH level indicates the box’s acidity. They are made from pulp with a pH of greater than 7, indicating that it is neither acidic nor basic. Calcium carbonate can buffer acid-free boxes, such as archival storage boxes. This neutralizes acids and keeps them from forming.

Camera-based Activity Test

The Image Permanence Institute developed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT), an international standard for testing the quality of photographic storage materials such as photo boxes. Photographs, negatives, films, and other types of media can be damaged through this test.

PAT uses a test and control sample of the material over 15 days to monitor for oxidation and reduction reactions and chromophores using two detectors. Photographic materials can be discolored in storage boxes that fail the PAT test if PAT identifies chemical interactions.


The quality of the materials used in the construction of a photo storage box significantly impacts its ability to protect its contents. Boxboard and plastic are two of the most common materials used to make photo storage boxes.


Boxboard is part of the family of cardboard boxes. Typically, it’s acid-free, and it goes the extra mile to protect your photos from the harmful effects of the sun. In addition to being strong enough to stack multiple boxes on top of each other, this material is long-lasting and will not deteriorate over time. Boxes can be made to have a pleasing pattern or color, such as fabric adhesive, or they can be plain.


Insects, rodents, and water damage are all prevented from using plastic in photo storage boxes. Unlike boxboard, which has been used to store photographs for a long time, plastic is a relatively new technology.

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Better To Store Photographs In Cardboard Or Plastic Boxes?

A clear plastic box advertised as being acid-free may tempt you. As a Smithsonian Institution Archives conservator, William Bennett has advised against this because we don’t yet know how plastics interact with photographs over time. In the long run, it is safer to use paper boxes.

What Is The Best Way To Store Very Old Photos?

Keeping old photographs in archival boxes, handling them sparingly, and never exposing them to light are experts’ recommended methods of preservation.

How Can I Store Thousands Of Photos?

Stacking photos between sheets of acid-free paper in a metal box is a good way to keep them safe. When using a cardboard box, ensure it is acid-free before using it. Also, you can store the layered images under the bed or in this Bookcase of Secrets to keep them safe.

Which Is Better Photo Albums Or Boxes?

In terms of storage capacity, a box can hold more photos while taking up less room than an album. If you have photos that need to be archived but aren’t looked at often, a box is a good option.

Should Photos Be Stored Flat Or Upright?

To avoid mechanical damage like bending or slumping, horizontal archiving of photographs is usually preferred to vertical. Drop-front boxes of archival quality, housed on shelves or in metal cabinets, should be used to store the photos flat.


Whether a small box or a large storage unit, the right organization and labeling techniques will help you keep track of everything, you can get creative with how you create labels; use your kids’ artwork as labels or make markers that are completely personalized to you. Whatever you decide, documenting the images you’ve preserved is important but so is how they’re stored.

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