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Use These Best Dental Dams [Updated for 2022]

The dental dam market is large, and one can get lost. When you are exploring the market for the best dental dams, you will come across a huge variety of products to choose from. The varieties include shapes, sizes, materials used, and color, among others. It becomes even more difficult when you depend on their descriptions for quality analysis. You can only find the best dental dams that suit your needs by reading reviews from genuine sources.

Here are the best dental dams on the market.

What Is a Dental Dam?

A thin, square piece of flexible latex or polyurethane is called a dental dam, and it’s used to reduce the risk of STIs during oral-vaginal or oral-anal sex. Dental dams are available for purchase in many online drug stores, and some sexual health clinics even give them away. A regular condom can be used in a pinch to create a DIY tooth dam.

What Are Dental Dams Used For?

When using dental dams, cunnilingus (oral-vaginal sex) and rimming are the best strategies to prevent STIs for you and your partner (oral-anal sex). Dental dams are a great line of defense against STIs and E. coli and Shigella germs that are prevalent in feces. Dental dams operate as a barrier to stop the interaction of bodily fluids, hence preventing the spread of STIs such as gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, HIV, and hepatitis.

Dental dams can restrict fluid flow between sexual partners during oral sex, but they are not very efficient at preventing the spread of illnesses from skin-to-skin contact. To prevent STIs like herpes, the human papillomavirus (HPV), and lice in the pubic area, dental dams are ineffectual. Dental dams for contraception are also ineffectual.

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Trustex Latex Dams Dental Dams

Cranberry CR8366 Smart Dam

Cranberry USA Cranberry CR8066 Smart Dam

Crosstex 19100 Dental Dam

Cranberry USA CR8266 Carbon Dental Dam

Crosstex 19500 Dental Dam

Best Dental Dams Reviews In 2022

1. Trustex Latex Dams Dental Dams Grape Flavor 12 Count

Safeguard your mouth from infection and unwanted pregnancy with a Trustex Dental Dam! These dental dams are made for easy use with no fussing. Simply place over unfamiliar or unwilling partners’ faces for oral protection. Safe for use with both male and female donors.

Dental Dams Are An Excellent

Trustex Dental Dams are an excellent alternative to plastic dental dams. Trustex Dental Dams are a safer alternative to plastic; they’re thicker and stronger, providing more protection against breakage, daily wear-and-tear, and infections. Trustex Dental Dams come in six flavors: Pina Colada, Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Champagne, and Strawberry Cherry.

Non-latex Polyisoprene

Trustex dental dams are made from Non-Latex Polyisoprene, which makes them ideal for people with latex allergies. Most other brands use latex as an ingredient – not this one! Trustex grape-flavored dental dams are 6 inches wide by 10 inches long, and each box comes with 12 individual units packaged in small foil packets that don’t require refrigeration.

2. Cranberry CR8366 Smart Dam Non-Latex Powder-Free

The Cranberry Smart Dam provides exceptionally strong, tear-resistant protection with no latex allergy exposure. It forms a watertight seal between the dam and the vagina or anus, allowing you to collect debris without fear of leaks. The Smart Dam has a deodorizing powder that works to eliminate body odor during use.

Excellent Protection

The Cranberry CR8366 Smart Dam powder-free glove provides excellent protection, high tensile strength, and tear resistance while allowing unrestricted movement. Made of nylon/polyester, these latex-free gloves meet all your EH&S requirements in terms of functionality, appearance, and dependability.

Sensitive To Latex

Powder-free, non-latex gloves provide a better fit and feel for workers who are allergic to latex or touching patients that are sensitive to latex. Latex-free gloves offer superior protection against harsh chemicals and prevent the spread of infections in medical facilities. This medical glove is designed with sheer lining and reinforced thumb, helping you get more done while wearing less. The spearmint scent offers a refreshingly clean feeling whenever you remove them from your hands.

3. Cranberry USA Cranberry CR8066 Smart Dam Latex Powder

The Cranberry Smart Dam is designed to provide exceptionally strong, tear-resistant protection. It’s the ideal choice when minimal latex allergy exposure is an issue. The Smart Dam is translucent and latex-free, eliminating questions about whether a patient is wearing a dam during your exam.

Latex Powder Is A Premium Quality

Cranberry USA CR8066 Smart Dam Latex Powder is a premium quality latex powder used to manufacture latex gloves and condoms. Our material is very soft, pliable, and highly resistant to tearing. It is well suited for manufacturing medical gloves, surgical masks, and other latex products. Its unique protein rating is <50ug per gram of standard powder, making it suitable for those with allergies.

High Color Contrast

Cranberry USA CR8066 Smart Dam Latex Powder offers high color contrast for optimal visual acuity, a perfect fit, and user comfort. This powder-free glove is non-sterile and latex free, fitting snugly with minimal risk for product leakage. The latex powder features an ultra-soft inner lining to provide excellent tactile sensitivity and protection against irritation to the skin of the hand.

4. Crosstex 19100 Dental Dam, Latex

The Crosstex 19100 Dental Dam, Latex is a comfortable and convenient dental dam for use during restorative dentistry procedures and more. Made of 100% latex, it features rounded edges for easy removal and an adhesive border for easy attachment. It comes with a mint green taste (green dam) and is manufactured using quality materials that are designed to withstand humidity and tearing. This dental dam is economically priced, so you don’t break the bank when ordering.

Latex-free Material

This Crosstex Dental dam is a classic dental dam made of a latex-free material. Low protein content makes this dental dam ideal for people with latex or rubber latex allergies. It is safe with all kinds of dental instruments and accessories, such as retractors, mirrors, and gingival flap holders.

Unflavored Surface

This flossing dental dam is made of non-latex materials and is compatible with water. The product features an unflavored surface that is friendly to those who avoid flavorings, coloring, and sensitive gums. Its medium gauge is suitable for cleaning teeth without feeling uncomfortable in your mouth.

5. Cranberry USA CR8266 Carbon Dental Dam Latex Powder-Free

The Cranberry Smart Dam is a latex-free dental dam that provides exceptionally strong, tear-resistant protection with minimal latex allergy exposure. The CR8266 is designed to fit over both the upper and lower teeth and can be used in conjunction with a tongue depressor or flat swab for oral speculum insertion.

Tear Resistance

Our CR8266 Non-Sterile Dental Dam (Latex Powder-Free) is a premium quality product that offers high tensile strength for uncompromising tear resistance, enabling it to be reused multiple times during single procedures. This dental dam is also protein-rated <50ug, thus minimizing latex allergen exposure for both the dentist and the patient.

Excellent Barrier Protection

This high-quality dental dam is made of natural latex and provides excellent barrier protection against the transmission of STDs and HIV. More importantly, it allows patients to complete dental procedures confidently while protecting themselves and their caregivers from cross-contamination.

6. Crosstex 19500 Dental Dam

Crosstex 19500 Dental Dam is a latex-free dental dam that protects the patient and dentist. This product is made from specially designed fibers with the high tensile strength to resist tearing after holes are punched, reducing the need for frequent re-sterilization. Crosstex 19500 Dental Dam has been engineered specifically for use in a dental practice and helps to protect both the patient and dentist against cross-contamination.

Constructed Of A Latex-free

The Crosstex 19500 Dental Dam is constructed of a latex-free and nitrile-free material. It offers a unique, non-porous surface that offers an alternative to disposables. The dam can be used for anesthetic injections and local anesthesia but should not be used for general anesthesia due to the nature of its construction.

Protection For Dental Patients

The Dental Dam provides secure protection for dental patients. This item is 10 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 0.125 inches thick. It features a soft nylon/polyurethane material that helps cushion the patient’s mouth and tongue while protecting them against disease and injury.

7. Cranberry USA Cranberry CR8466 Carbon Dental Dam

The Cranberry Smart Dam provides exceptionally strong, tear-resistant protection with no latex allergy exposure. The super thin Ultra Thin™ film is easy to use and comfortable on all patients, including those with sensitive skin or experiencing discomfort during treatment. It is ideal for general procedures and can be a barrier during travel. Features: No latex allergies Convenient package of 6 Quick and easy to use Can be used as a dental dam in dental hygiene treatments Safe storage case included.

Strength And Elasticity Of Rubber

The Cranberry CR8466 Carbon Dental Dam is constructed from a high tensile strength material that mimics the strength and elasticity of rubber. Its unique black color allows for exceptional visual acuity and easy differentiation from gingival tissue while maintaining its characteristic ease of manipulation.

Water Activate

The Cranberry USA CR8466 Carbon Dental Dam is a sterile, non-linting, and flexible dental dam that’s latex-free, water activated, and self-adhesive. In addition to protecting your patient and yourself while providing sensation, Cranberry USA’s dental dams are powder-free, spearmint scented, and help reduce cross contamination in the OR or exam room.

8. Sheer GLYDE Dams

Sheer GLYDE Dams are safer and sexier to protect you and your partner from STIs/STDs. These sexy dams provide a barrier between you and your partner’s body fluid, reducing the risk of catching or spreading STI/STD infections. Don’t settle for plastic wrap, modified condoms, rubber gloves, or dental dams again! Sheer GLYDE Dams come in four different flavors/colors: Cola, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Wildberry, so you can have fun while staying safe!

Natural Rubber Latex

GLYDE Thin and Sheer Oral Dams are made of natural rubber latex, thin, flexible, and easy to use. The non-latex material is designed to provide the ultimate comfort during dental procedures. These thin and plain seals provide an excellent fit around teeth and help protect against blood splatter. Each box contains 10 individually wrapped thin and sheer dam oral dams in a resealable package.

Translucent Material

Sheer Glide Dams are made of ultra-thin, translucent material that provides an invisible barrier to stop the spread of STIs. Use Sheer Glide Dams on yourself, or use them to help a partner get tested for STIs by the doctor.

How To Choose The Best Dental Dams Before Purchasing

Dental Dams For Oral


It’s dangerous to save money by buying a knockoff brand name. Buying a cheap brand puts you at greater risk of acquiring subpar items. Other brands don’t worry as much as well-known ones about maintaining their excellent reputation. Dental dams differentiate from their competitors thanks to their distinctive characteristics. This is why we hope that something on our list may appeal to you.


There is no need to offer a ton of additional choices. The truly vital elements are considered when choosing the greatest dental dams.


If you have data to work with, quantitative quality measurements are always achievable. Our company aims to find dental dams that adhere to industry standards and provide an appropriate level of protection.

Customer Reaction

Customers who have utilized dental dams won’t hold you accountable for wrongdoing, will they? Customers will more likely suggest your company if you have higher ratings.

Sellers’ Priority Order

Isn’t that something to think about? You need a successful and growing product in addition to one that is exceptional. It is possible to achieve both goals. The fact that more individuals are utilizing the product shows its success. Given the enormous increase in sales, manufacturers should be able to improve their products’ quality and after-sales support.


The saying “You get what you pay for” is well known. Most of the time, purchasing something at the lowest cost is unwise. Therefore, buying an expensive item with no useable benefit is a bad choice. When assessing dental dams, there is no replacement for considering what you get for your money.


One must possess a high level of durability to be dependable. Dental dams are a great long-term investment for you.


Older things are constantly replaced with new ones through the introduction of fresh ones. They frequently have undergone some kind of improvement or modification. Dental dams, for example, are supposedly useful products, but the maker no longer supports them. We wish to highlight goods from a select group of dependable vendors, if not more.

Frequently Asked Question

How Effective Are Dental Dams?

Dental dams have not been the subject of much research, but like condoms, they must be used appropriately and regularly to offer complete protection. The human papillomavirus (HPV), pubic lice, and herpes simplex types 1 and 2 can also spread (crabs).

How Long Does Dental Dam Last?

Dental dam users frequently like lubricants that are water- or silicone-based. Dental dams have a 5-year shelf life, so avoid storing them in direct sunlight, such as on your car’s dashboard (check the expiration dates). Enjoy yourselves and take care out there.

Does Saran Wrap Work As A Dental Dam?

You can use Saran wrap as a dental dam if you don’t have any medical supplies at home. Since plastic wrap that can be microwaved tends to develop tiny pores that can let fluids pass through, it is best to choose a non-porous plastic wrap that is not microwaveable.

Why Do Dentists Not Use Dental Dams?

Dental dams can be challenging to place, discouraging dentists from using them. Additionally, they demand more time and money. Additionally, some dentists lack the necessary training to use them. Other dentists claim that wearing mouthguards causes patients discomfort.

Can A Root Canal Be Done Without A Dental Dam?

Although endodontic procedures can be carried out satisfactorily without one, using a dental dam is the most professional option. Dental dams are used by the knowledgeable endodontists at Professional Endodontics when it is required and advantageous for our patients.


Hopefully this review has helped you determine the best dental dam for your needs. If you are still not sure which dental dam to choose, consider reading through our buying guide once more. This will hopefully provide you with additional background on dental dams and help you make a more informed decision. Thanks again for reading.

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