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Adventure Children’s Theatre, where brave heroes, beautiful heroines, and wacky sidekicks triumph over evil villains, terrible monsters, and cruel henchmen. A place where kindness is rewarded, sacrifice is honored, and everybody sings about it!

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Adventure Children’s Theatre 
2017 Summer Camps Schedule & Descriptions
Bothell camps held at Bothell Country Village 820 237th Street SE, Suite B, Bothell 98021

Kirkland camps held at St. John Vianney 12600 84th Ave NE Kirkland WA, 98034

Main Stage for kids entering grades 4-7    $215   ($225 after  April 30th) 
Big shows for big kids! Young actors will learn the actor’s tools ( mind, body & voice), develop their performance skills and confidence, and rehearse lines, blocking & cues! Learn character development, strengthen ensemble work and play fun theatre games! The performance will be on the last day!

Margaret O’ Malley & The Lost City of Atlantis  Aug 7-11 1-6 pm (Kirkland)
Startling Sea Monsters! Mysterious Mermaids! Secret Sunken Cities! Join the Daring Acrobat Margaret O’ Malley & her Circus friends: Explorer Col. G. J. Fogblatt, his Ferocious Pride the lion’s Tut & Cleo, Hong Kong the Circus Gorilla & Irwin…a Janitor?  as they dive into a new musical comedy sub-marine adventure to discover…the Lost City of Atlantis. Who are the Atlanteans? What secrets do their sunken city hold & what are the designs of its mysterious queen? Find out this Summer in… “Margaret O’ Malley and The Lost City of Atlantis”

Adventures in OZ                                          August 21-25   9-2 pm (Bothell)

Winkies, Witches, and Jitterbugs! Oh my! Join Dorothy, Toto, and their friends; Scare Crow, Tin Man, & Lion on a musical adventure down the yellow brick road, winding their way thru Sarcastic Crows, Gnarly Trees Throwing Bitter Fruit, Kung Fu Fighting Flying Monkeys, and anything else a Wicked Witch can throw at them. She’s gonna get you my pretty and your little dog too!
Stage Coach for kids entering grades 1-3, $180    ($190 after April 30th) 
The next stop in theatrical adventure: campers will be introduced to the script, learn acting techniques, stage directions &  how to build a character! They will play theatre games, memorize lines, work on projection, movement, teamwork, and have a fabulous time! On the last day, they will present their show!

The Three Mouse-cat-ears                    July 31 –Aug 4, 9-1:00 pm (Bothell)
All for One and One for All! Romance! Adventure! & more Swashing fun than you can buckle! The Queen, her court, and all of France are in Danger! Spies, traitors, and villains abound! Can 3 unlikely heroes learn to trust themselves and each other in time to save the day? Find out in ACT’s “The Three Mouse-cat- ears!” New this Summer!

The Reluctant Dragon                                 August 14-18      9:30-1:30 pm (Kirkland)

An adaption of Kenneth Grahame’s beloved short story!  All is peaceful until dragon tracks are spotted near the village! Now someone must find & fight the dangerous beast! But who?  The mayor? The reporter? The hairdresser? The brave knight? Join these and other great characters in this heroism, action, and forgiveness tale!

Beginning Stages for AGES 4-6                                   $165  ( $175  after April 30th) 
Little camps for little people! Campers will have a blast during these one-week themed camps exploring the worlds of art, movement, music, and dramatic play! Students will pick their characters, dress up, learn acting skills, share ideas, express themselves, make new friends  & work together to create their show! On the last day, they will present their show!!

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